It is possible to offer a limited free access with Social logins and after it expires your customers can buy an access.

This is how it works: users can log in for free to a certain amount of time or traffic limit, set by you (lets say 30 minutes). You can use Social options for this. After that, connection is terminated and they are restricted to use paid services. You can set the time period for the restriction, within this period they cannot use another free access (let's say 1 free access within 2 days). If they pay for the package, within that 2 days of timeframe, they can log in with their paid access.

Once the restriction is lifted off, users need to use the free access again (not possible to use the paid one anymore until the used the free access again and it expires), and this is repeated over time.

Following the values of the above scenario, this is to how to enable this feature.

  1. Create a social location in Control Center if you have not done yet (and you ill also need to have Social Plus subscription).

  2. Go to Manage / Location / click on Location name / Modify Hotspot data & Settings / Set Default Limits.

  3. Tick Restrict Free Accesses, set the restriction time under Allow only 1 free access within ...from the same device to 48 hours, or any time period you wish to set.

  4. To enable pay per use service, choose "Offer Pay-Per-Use packages" at "If the free access expires"...

5. For setting up the free 30 minutes free access and the properties of the paid access needed for our scenario, please refer to the following KB: Setting up access packages.

NOTE: Social Plus subscription is needed to enable this option.

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