Type of router: any
Business packages affected: basic, social and Pro.

Sympthoms: customer get to the splash page successfully, but when they try to use the Data capture funcion (or "skip social connection" for "Social"), they hit the Login to hotspot, but they get back to the same data capture site. There is no error message provided. Below image illustrates the problem:

Explanation: Deceiving as it is, in such case problem is NOT to do with the router. It is hidden somewhere in Control center.

Go to Control center / Locations / Location number / Modify Data and Settings and open "Customize data capture".

If you click on "Add custom field 1", and then "Add custom field 2" you might end up with a screen similar to this:

As yellow underline shows: there is a hidden-empty  custom field on the splash page that is requiered yet no shown on it (it has no title). So when you hit "log in to Hotspot" the system sees (what you cannot) that there is a missing a field in the form and does not let you through.


  1. Open as many "Custom Field as you see the last one with no ticks. (In our case, until Custom Fields 2).

  2. Remove all the ticks from the empty fields (in our case field 1).

  3. Remove unnecessary Custom fields. (In our case, we would remove both. the last line would be "Accept Terms."

This is how the filed should look like after point no. 2.

This should solve the problem for that particular solution. Remember to double-check other locations if needed.

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