Step 1

Register your Tripadvisor URL in the Control Center, under Integrations > Tripadvisor Review Express.

Step 2

When we receive your registration, we send this info to Tripadvisor who registers this request on their side. This usually takes 24-72 hours. Then you need to do the following:

  1. On, select your business and click “Use Review Express”

2. Click on "Opt In Now" under "Automate"

3. Select "HotspotSystem" as your Connectivity Partner (if it's not there, then the request has not yet been registered by Tripadvisor)

4. Accept Terms

Once you activate the feature we will send your customer's data to Tripadvisor on a daily basis and they will send out emails to your guests, asking them to leave a review. The email will look like this:

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