NOTE: You can use any AP/Router with HotspotSystem with a compatible gateway. This guide is about using HotspotSystem directly on router you may have (for "Small Venues" mainly). For "Large Venues" we recommend to use a Mikrotik or Ubiquiti EdgeRouter as a gateway and any kind of AP with their original firmware.

To be able to use your router with our system, you need to check the following:

  1. Does your router come with a firmware ready to be used?

  2. If not, can you find a suitable open-source firmware for it?

  3. If you do, does this firmware contain CoovaChilli (responsible for our Hotspot solution)?

Based on these parameters, you can categorize routers into three groups. (Group 1 is the easiest to set up, while Group 4 is the most complicated):

  1. Devices which come with built-in hotspot solutions (ready to use firmware with hotspot functionality)

  2. Devices where firmwares can be found on our website (firmware need to be changed to OpenWRT, but CoovaChilli is already in the new firmware). 

  3. Devices where you can find a suitable DD-WRT firmware with Hotspot System built-in

  4. Devices where you can find and build an OpenWRT firmware on your own (without supported firmware from us, and without CoovaChilli)

1st level: Routers with built-in solutions provided by the manufacturer

This is the easiest way to configure HotspotSystem. With such devices, there is no need for changing the firmware, and you can start configuring the router itself.

1st grade supported devices are:

2nd level: Routers where OpenWRT firmwares need to be flashed, with CoovaChilli available:

These devices do not support our solutions natively and you need to change the firmware in order to use it. On the positive side, the CoovaChilli is already built into these firmwares. Please check if your router has an available OpenWRT firmware in our repository:

These devices are: 

  • Linksys wrt1200ac

  • Linksys wrt1900ac

  • Linksys wrt1900acs

  • Linksys wrt1900acv2

  • TP-Link tlmr3420

  • TP-Link tlwr841

  • TP-Link tlwr842ndv2

  • TP-Link tlwr1043

  • Ubiquiti airrouter

  • Ubiquiti nano-m

  • Ubiquiti pico-m

  • Ubiquiti rocket-m2

  • Ubiquiti unifi

3rd level: Find a compatible and functional DD-WRT build with Hotspot System setup

You can try to find a DD-WRT firmware for your router. We only recommend this solution if you are familiar with this type of firmware as there are lost of builds and it is difficult to determine which works well with our system. For more information please visit

4th level: Configure the HotspotSystem on your router manually

Finally, many devices still neither support our system directly nor is there available firmware in our website. In such case, you need to find applicable firmware on your own. Please be warned, that we can only give some guidelines for this process. The resposibility is yours and we do not provide support for this. In such cases, you can do the following:

  1. You can try to find a compatible Openwrt firmware to your router.

  2. Here ( you can check if your device can be upgraded to a OpenWRT firmware.

  3. Once this is done, you need to get the CoovaChilli package on the firmware manually. ([]=opkg&s[]=install&s[]=coova&s[]=chilli)

  4. Finally you need to configure the CoovaChilli manually (

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