To operate a hotspot with our system, a broadband internet connection and at least one compatible Wi-Fi router or device is needed (this can also be a PC) . The minute the router receives internet, the service starts to work (you need to provide the broadband internet connection).

Since there is a special software running on the router, there is no need to operate a computer. You can connect the hotspot router directly to the ADLS modem or to an existing network. Then the router communicates with our web and radius servers (to authenticate users).

If you operate your hotspot as a pay-per-use service, users can pay their access fee by a credit card, thus the operation of the system is completely automatic, there is no need of staff or computers. Since the credit card module is built-in to the system, you don’t need to have a merchant account. We charge your customers, then transfer the money to you monthly.

In case you would like to operate a hotspot which is free for your customers, you may need to pay a small monthly fee based on the service you need (some services are free). Please check out our Pricing page for details.

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