Absolutely. If you want to start a pay-per-use Hotspot then you just have to register for the Hotspot PRO service – registration is absolutely free. You can setup the hotspot and try out the Control Center. We generate 10 pieces of access codes automatically upon registration – each are valid for 10 minutes. You can even test the credit card module by buying an access package  (we can issue a refund for those test transactions). 

If you want to start a Hotspot service which is free for your customers, just sign up to Hotspot FREE and you can fully trial the system for 7 days – all premium features included. After 7 days you can continue with the free plan in case of Basic / Social hotspots.

If you choose the Pay-As-You-Go Plan, it will include some test credits so you can try out our system without paying.

Also, if the 7 trial days are not enough, you can ask for an extension through the Help Desk.

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