Hotspot System Ltd. (Company Reg#: 0109883187, EU Tax ID: HU13983981) was estabilished in 2005 to provide professional wireless hotspot solutions for those individuals and companies who would like to start their own hotspot service.

We have started to provide a pay per use hotspot solution for businesses, charging in multiple currencies for worldwide operation. As the industry evolved we started focusing to provide solutions for those who wanted to operate free hotspots.

Currently we have thousands of operators from all over the world, including USA, Australia, New Zealand and UK and from more than 100 other countries.

Our system is used in Airports, Hotels, Campgrounds, Cafes and other venues, as well as by large national bus companies all over the world.

We have developed one of the most flexible and versatile systems in the industry to have as an ideal solution for our business partners who would like to start their own hotspot business to provide wireless hotspot solutions for their local partners.

Check out our LIVE map to see actual logins of a HotspotSystem operated hotspot!

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