To answer to that questions, you need to understand the basics.

With a single router, you can cover an 50-500 meter radius, depending on the location’s physical characteristics (walls, objects, trees, etc). You can extend this further by installing more APs or routers.

If you would like to cover a large area, you should set up a router or repeater (using WDS) in every 50-500 meters (draw a map of the coverage of your access points so you can define how you should install a router/repeater).

This is because the Wi-Fi devices are short range devices. User’s Wi-Fi devices (in laptops or mobile phones) have to communicate with the router so even though you are using a very large and powerful antenna to cover more distance, the users’ devices also have to communicate with the router and those devices are not so powerful.

So maybe thy can see the signal but will not be able to communicate with the router if it’s too far, unless they are using an external antenna for their laptops, but most users won’t.

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