Hotspots are usually open networks.

If you’re using our system then it is already a secure system. We’re using radius authentication which means that your network cannot be accessed without a valid username and password. We’re also using a delaying authentication which means if someone tries to brute-force your network it won’t ‘freeze’. Unlike other WEP encypted networks which can be ‘hacked’ within minutes, a username/password combination cannot be guessed so easily. So however windows shows your network as an ‘unsecured’ network, it has more security than an open network or than a network that is using WEP encryption.

It’s possible to set up an additional encryption however we don’t recommend it because your users will not able to sign up for the service without knowing the security key. They won’t even able to access your Hotspot start page because they need to enter the security key when they are trying to join your Wi-Fi network.  If you really want to do this you need to use WEP encryption.

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