There are several benefits:

  1. You don’t have to tell passwords for your customers and users don’t have to deal with entering a password for a Wi/Fi signal which can be difficult for unexperienced users (especially on Windows)

  2. You can show a personalized Wi-Fi Start page where all users are redirected when they first enter a website address  (you can show ads, daily menus, anything)

  3. With a simple password protected Wi-Fi, if a user downloads or uploads a large file, the connection speed will be dramatically decreased for all users. With our system you can limit the bandwidth of each access so you can avoid heavy usage by users.

  4. By using vouchers you can control who can access your internet so you can tie the access codes to consumption, give menus, orders etc. Codes are unique and have an expiration (for example 1 hour) so you can avoid having people ordering one coffee and then using your network all day long.

  5. Optionally you can authenticate people by SMS so you can verify who uses your internet (in case of illegal activity this can be real helpful)

  6. Optionally you can collect information from your users by requiring them to fill out a registration form before they can use the hotspot.

  7. Optionally you can drive customers to your facebook page by requesting them to like your page or post a message on their walls with Hotspot FREE SOCIAL.

  8. You can see all activity from your users (login/logout dates, downloaded/uploaded bytes, MAC addresses, etc)

  9. The system sends you an alert when your router is down or doesn’t have internet connection (you will be notified if there is a power outage too!)

  10. You can manage all your hotspots from the Cloud by using our system 

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