With our 3rd-party credit card processor, customers can use Visa Credit/Debit, Mastercard Credit cards, AMEX, Solo and Laser cards.

Please note that MasterCard’s Maestro (Debit) cards cannot be accepted. Here’s why:

MasterCard require all Maestro card payments to be processed using MasterCard SecureCode by the beginning of July 2008.

SecureCode is an additional security, where the system forwards the user to their bank’s website, where he/she has to enter an additional security code.

Due to the nature of our service it is not possible to pay by these cards, because we block all websites except hotspotsystem’s and credit card processors’ websites, so when the system tries to forward the user to their bank’s site, that page is blocked so the user won’t be able to finish the payment process. Unfortunately, this website is different for every user, and MasterCard cannot provide a list so we could have a chance to allow all those sites.

For this reason, you cannot accept MasterCard’s maestro cards.

Please note that we offer a prepaid voucher option so users can buy access codes by cash, so there is no need to use credit cards. This is perfect for those cases when the customer holds a MasterCard Maesto card only.

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