Here is the control panel of the Social Settings:

Currently only Facebook and Twitter platforms are supported (other social networks coming soon). Instagram is no longer available as per their guidelines (developers can only use Facebook for login).

The following “Facebook Action Requirements” are available

  1. Facebook login only: Customers can log in with Facebook to get access

  2. Wallpost / Share: After they log in to Facebook, we ask users to share and spread the word. This is done by default Facebook Share Dialog where they can also add their own comments. 


  • If there are multiple logins from the same computer & facebook account, we only post on their walls only once within 24 hours

  • You can only see the post on someone’s wall if the post permission allows you that. Default scope is ‘friends’ which means you and the user need to be friends to see the post / share. The user can also set it to ‘Me only’ which means that it can only be seen by the user itself. This is beyond our control, this is how facebook works.

The following “Twitter Action Requirements” are available:

  1. Twitter login only: Customers can log in with Twitter to get access

  2. Follow: After they log in to Twitter, they will automatically become followers of your Twitter page

  3. Tweet: After they log in to Twitter, a tweet will be posted to their wall

  4. Follow + Tweet: the combination of 2 & 3

You can also offer an alternative way for your customers to log in if they don’t have a social account.

The following “Bypass modes” are available:

  1. Bypass with Data Capture: you can require some data to be filled out, which you can define under “Data Capture”.

  2. Bypass with Voucher Codes: you can give a voucher to customers (requires buying Voucher Credits)

  3. Bypass with SMS: free codes can be requested to users’ mobile phones (requires buying SMS Credits)

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