There can be several reasons for this message:

  1. The location may have been deactivated by you in the Control Center using the “Deactivate” feature. In this case you can re-activate the location in the Control Center, under Manage > Locations > View deactivated locations > Re-Activate.

  2. If you are using our Hotspot FREE service, you have to pay the subscription fee. Log in to the Control Center with your operator username and password, go to Manage > Locations > click on name > you can see the links there where you can pay the subscription fee for that location.

  3. You have ran out of sessions that was included with your subscription. You can check the ACCESS METER under Manage > Locations > click on name > check the section in the middle. In this case you can buy Additional Sessions, using the link right next to the ACCESS METER. Please note that after this you need to contact us so we can remove the block from your location!

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