Absolutely, a wide range of SSLs are compatible with our system.

However, in such case you need to whitelist certain domains on your router. When your browser accesses a secure SSL site, it needs to check if the certificate has been revoked or not. It does so by accessing this information a URL provided by your SSL disrtibutor.

The problem is, when an end user logs onto the HotSpot WiFi with a device, Splash page blocks all internet websites unless having been whitelisted. This way your certificate revocation cannot be verified, so the browser cannot determine if your certificate is still reliable and does not let the customer through. (The only exception is with RapidSSL, because we have already whitelisted that in our default firmwares available on our website).

In other words, to solve the problem, you need to learn which site are concerned in the revocatin process and then whitelist their domains on your router. The first can be done by asking it from your SSL providers support service or you can run an SSL test on your website. Whitelisting a website on a supported router is described in this article.


As follows, we will find which domains to be whitelisted by running an SSL test. We will check a website, where SSL is provided by COMODO. In this example we will use SSLLABS for checking the information about our website's certificate. On the website, you select „test your server” and enter the URL of your  whitelabel site as given at Control Center at the White Label settings.

It will give you various information about your SSL. 

You need to search for the„Revocation information”. The URLs there are the ones that need to be whitelisted on your router. (Both CRL and OCSP)

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