It is possible to secure your splash page with a additional password.

To achieve this, go to Control Center / Manage / Location / Modify Data and Settings / Video Advertisement and Splash Screen Lock and fill in the "Lock password" section.

There two type of locks: general locks and modular locks.

1. General Splash Page Lock - Basic and Social Plus, Voucher and SMS plan

When a customer connects to your Hotspot and splash page appears, it will prompt for a password to continue.

2. Modular Splash Page Lock - Pro plan

For Pro locations, you can set which modules to lock. For example, if your plan to set a password the the free access , tick the Lock Free access button.
Furthermore, to use lock your splash page before its access, just tick all the modules. This way it behaves as a General lock described in point 1.

Either being a general or a modular lock, password protection looks like this:

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