White Label operators who are using their own domain name on the splash pages need their own Facebook app so they can collect statistics for their users only (and it’s also a requirement by Facebook that the app has to be assigned to a domain name so the global hotspotsystem app cannot be used on any other domain names.

Here is how to create your own Facebook app.

1. Go to Facebook Developer Site and log in with your Facebook account.

2. Click on My Apps > Add a New App.

3. Fill out “Display Name” (this will be the name of your app) and “Contact Email“. 

4. Select “Settings” menu from the left. Click on "Basic".

  • App Domains: Enter your white label domain name under “App Domains”. For example if you are planning to use “wifi.yourdomain.com” as the customer splash page, you must enter “yourdomain.com” in this field.

  • Terms of Service URL: you need to have your own URL with terms and conditions. You can find generic terms of services on the web and use them for this purpose. If you don’t have a website where you could put this info, you can edit the terms we provide in the Control Center > Customize > Skins > Useragreement language files > Edit. Then you can review it here: https://wifi.yourdomainname.com/customer/info.php?page=useragreement&operator=youroperatorusername&location=XX where you need to replace wifi.yourdomainname.com and youroperatorusername and XX accordingly (XX is the location number, for example 1 is your first location, this is just needed to match the design of a social location you are using) You can submit this URL if you are happy with what you see and it reflects your company.

  • For Category, choose "Utility and Productivity".

  • Upload an App Icon which Reflects to your company.

  • On the bottom right, click on "Save".

5. Click on "Add Platform" above the Save button on the same page, choose "Website" . Enter your company website or any web page with your business content here. Also it must be derived from your white label hostname. If your white label name is “wifi.yourdomain.com”, the Website URL must be a different host with the same domain, like www.yourdomain.com. It is important that the content must reflect your business (it cannot be a lame template which is not related to your business). Click on "Save Changes".

6. On the left side, click on the + mark, right to "Products", then select "Set Up". Then on the next screen click on "Settings" under "Facebook Login".

Into the "Valid OAuth redirect URIs" box,  you need to type those URLs that will call the Facebook login. You need to add the following one by one, be sure to replace the domain with your white label hostname.


If you are using a language that is not english, you need to add those local URLs too, for example for french:


7. Go back to "Settings" > "Basic" and click on "Show" to reveal your App Secret. Once the app secret is revealed, copy the App ID and App Secret into the Control Center, Tools > White Label Settings.

8. You can turn the LIVE switch On so you can start using your own app.


If you would like to collect and use facebook users' data to your own purposes (for example sending them promotions based on their age or gender), you may need to send your app for review. You can read more about this here.

NOTE #1: After your own App ID is filled out in the Control Center, your facebook app will be used when the router is configured with your white label domain name.

NOTE #2: Be sure not to create a negative experience for users. This means don't post any "spam like" URLs or messages onto their walls, post the same place they are checking in to, etc. In case you create a negative experience, people will report it to Facebook and your app will be suspended.

NOTE #3: Facebook is a 3rd party so they can change their terms any time. We don't take responsibility if your app was not accepted or later suspended or terminated. 

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