If you are a white label operator who wants to set their OpenWRT router to your own company's domain, just run the script again, and the setup is finished. If you want to set it to an alternate server of ours (or you do not want to re-run the script for any reason), continue reading.

HotspotSystem.com operates using servers in multiple locations around the world, and you may prefer to use one that is geographically closer to your hotspot’s location.   You may also prefer to use your own domain if you are a white label operator. In that case you can use your own domain instead of customer.hotspotsystem.com. (remember to use CNAME to point this domain to our server)   Please refer to this article for the full white label procedure.

Here are 3 servers you can choose from :

  • usa.hotspotsystem.com

  • europe.hotspotsystem.com

  • asia.hotspotsystem.com

Use the following path to reach the chilli configuration: /etc/chilli/defaults

In case of using a custom white label URL you can just run the setup script on the router again and it will point your router to the custom URL, OR

you can edit the HS_UAMFORMAT=   field.

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