NOTE: after you turn the LAN ports to paid ports, you won’t be able to access the router’s admin page, only if you log in to the hotspot first.

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Log into your router administrator settings and perform the following changes:

  1. Navigate to Network > Interfaces > click on the Edit button for the LAN network and scroll down at the bottom of the page and tick the “Disable DHCP for this interface” checkbox.

2. Click on the “Physical Settings” tab and make sure that the following three checkboxes are ticked:

  • creates a bridge over specified interface(s)

  • Ethernet Adapter “eth0″ (lan)

  • Wireless Network: Master “” (wifi)

Save and Apply the changes on the router.

3. SSH to your router using a programme like PuTTY which is a free telnet/ssh client. You need to edit the “defaults” file located in /etc/chilli using the vi editor.

In that file you need to change the line “HS_LANIF=wlan0” to “HS_LANIF=br-lan“.

Save and quit the vi editor.

That’s it! Now all the LAN ports on the Ubiquiti router will be offering the hotspot functionality.

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