0. First of all, make sure that the correct firmware is set on your device. If you see the "Easy Activation" screen as shown below, you can go to step 1. If not, first you need to apply the appropriate firmware (URLs might change with time).

  1. Get your Mac address ready. If you do not know the mac address;

  • check the package and search for "MAC Address" or "WLAN MAC"

  • or it is also the Mac reference shown in yellow if you have installed a ezcaptive firmware. See picture below.

2. Go to https://www.easywrt.com/shop/coupon-area. Paste the One-time coupon we have sent to you (accept 8 characters only) and press submit.

3. In next screen, press on the green button - Coupon. Upon pressing on the confirmation screen, the coupon is consider used and kindly complete the whole procedure below.

4. Now enter your 12 digit Mac/activation reference and your email address (so that the activation code can be send to you). Thereafter, you can always check your activation by entering your Mac reference here too.


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